Acquisition APP

Acquisition Risk Scoring

Acquisition APP summary

Acquisition Scoring

Acquisition APP is based on statistical models that identifies the probability of a new customer future good payment behavior. With this information the Operator can provide an initial credit limit based on that probability and minimize the potential losses from default. With this policy the relationship with customers is also improved and because of that it also impacts directly on Churn. The Acquisition APP uses NOW to support its predictions. It uses Hadoop processing to keep the repository updated and NOW Streamer component to achieve real time processing, keeping anonymous all the confidential information.

Acquisition APP key features

  • Identify the initial credit risk score for each new customer
  • Provides actionable data to support credit policy definition
  • Provides actionable data to provide individual initial credit limits
  • End-user autonomy on configuring APP parameters
  • Processes data in real time
  • Monitors indicators and predictions accuracy