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Social Networks

After the adoption of approaches that focus on the client (customer centric, customer 360ยบ) to the product and services level, it becomes important the integration of customer social perspective. There are several decisions that the customer takes rationally or subconscious originating in its contacts and relationships with people in your sphere of influence. The telecom operators have the unique opportunity, with call data and messages between their customers, reconstruct the social network of all the base contacts and infer the individual social profile of each customer. Operators gain the ability to recognize the influence of each client on your contacts, the ability to be influenced, to disseminate information, determine the most suitable products for each profile or make predictions where the social component and relationships around you have particular relevance (eg "viral" churn).

Networking APP key features

  • Social Networks and Communities detection and visualization
  • Statistics and advanced social indicators
  • Social Explorer and customer listings for targeted actions
  • Social Segmentation
  • Improved behavioral prediction models (Churn, Credit Scoring, Upsell)