Our Mission

help our customers to ACT NOW through decisions triggered by business events that are happening NOW


The NOW platform is the base for all the services available through the NOW APPS. Each APP has a different purpose, addresses a specific real business issue and can be used separately or grouped with any other. NOW customers pay only for what they use. The NOW platform uses advanced security standards assuring confidentiality of all sensitive information.

Big Data

The rise of Big Data is not simply a new generation of information systems solutions. New perspectives, interpretations and analysis of the world around us are now available making possible a more efficient and sustainable development. Act Now adopts these new technological principles in order to support our customers on building a better, more sustainable business world.

Cloud Service

The NOW platform is based on cloud services that work on real time basis 24x7. Each stream of data feeds APPS generating information that is made available to business users. No software licensing or exclusively dedicated hardware is needed to achieve this level of service. With the NOW platform Telco Operators can focus their activities on their business.

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NOW APPS is a Big Data, realtime analytics platform. Use your data to get customer individual insights and actionable data. Monetize your data through proactive and focused actions

Predictive Analytics through NOW APPS

Act Now Predictive Analytics is available through NOW APPS.

NOW APPS deals with data sets to predict trends, behavior patterns and customer level events. With NOW APPS, focused actions can be taken to maintain better customer relationships and minimize investment required to support the business operation.

NOW APPS key features:

Focused on key business issues

Independent key business issues adressed by each APP

Big Data scalability

Through Hadoop processing technology usage

Available as Cloud Service

All APPS are available as Cloud Service

Real Time Processing

Track your business and react in real time

Actionable data

Each APP generates actionable data to support business development

Easy To Integrate

Have APP results without project complexity


Choose the APPS based on your needs. Discover what works best for you and apply it for every business interaction.

Who We Are

Company Profile

Who We Are

We are a team with a strong experience and multiple developed skills on the Telecom Business, Software Development, Predictive Analytics and Data Science. We have been working in profiling of Telecom customers worldwide through our products and services.


  • Act Now is a product company dedicated to business intelligence for the telecommunications industry.
  • The Act Now management team combines extensive experience in software development and IT Telecom Industry with specific focus on BI.
  • All Act Now products are based on Big Data, Data Science, Cloud-focused universe aiming to help with some of the most business critical issues in Telco.
  • Act Now has customers in Europe, Latin America and Asia and more than 100 million profiles of different customers have been worked by the Act Now solutions.
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We currently have local presence in Madrid, New York, Panama City, Prague and our headquarters are in:

Av. 25 de Abril 184, 1, Cascais, Portugal

+(351) 216 008 296